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I’m a firm believer that “bulking and cutting” is something that (if attempted) should be done in a very carefully as it can go 2 ways either a success or a complete disaster. From my own experience it does put too much stress on your body and too much pressure in your mind, for this reason I’m not a bulking and cutting athlete. I keep myself relatively lean with a comfortable amount of lean mass on my body that gives me leverage to get ready for a comp in 4 weeks without killing myself to meet targets.


I have a lower back pain due to an old bulge disk from 13 years ago. From that point I knew how important would be for me to get a strong core to hold my spine together… and that’s what I have been doing since then, work on my core is like taking a shower, I do it every single day, it’s religious- this has allowed me to lift weights and do things that would not be possible with a weak core.

One thing lead to another, nowadays I assist others through my own PT franchisee business “STM Functional Fit” – For those interested in my services:

I have been in the fitness industry for over 17 years. I have always been very curious and willing to learn from everyone that could add knowledge to my training & nutrition. Training commitment is necessary and you can’t get anywhere without commitment, I train 6 days per week for around 2 hours, I do my training perhaps in a different way from the majority of the athletes that I compete against to. My prep is my lifestyle, cardio is part of my daily training for the whole year so as strength training…. every single day I hit the gym you will see me doing weights first and finishing with a HIIT circuit training mixing cardio and core….Nutrition (my favourite subject) too many diets feds, to many theories, too many “magic pills around”… I think anyone looking for a nutrition advice should first understand that is not and will never be 1 size fits all, everybody is different and it’s not because the nutritionist told me to have high protein, low-carb is the best way, it doesn’t mean will be my way.

I have learned that nutrition is simple and you have to trial first on your body what you think will work for you and keep tuning until you find “your right way ” I try to eat clean natural food, stay away from processed sugar , having good fats is important for me and off course a good amount of protein . My complex carbs is the main part of my breakfast to replenish my glycogen storage and give me energy to go through my day and my workout…. “low carb diet” in my opinion is a big mistake, now a bad carb diet is a disaster; also keep everything in a sustainable way, if I want to have a glass of wine on the weekend and eat some pizza I will do and will not feel guilty about it, because I know that will not kill me training , knowing that I keep myself very clean through 90% of the time.

SUPPLEMENTS is a multi billion dollar industry – too many options, to many magic pills and too many people expecting to get brilliant results the easy way. Supplements should be used in a safe and careful way. Personally I’m an advocate of great food as mother nature is the best supplement store out there. I think when you are an athlete you need some supplements to help your body recovery and avoid loss of muscle.

Before competing I never took any supplements, the main reason was because I knew what I needed and I could get from real food, my body coped very well for all those years. Starting competing I took my training to another level and I need to replenish what I was spending, so 1 year ago a started taking BCAA, Protein Powder and 4 weeks before a comp a use pure L-CARNITINE. But that’s is!

At the last 5 to 4 weeks I just get into a “suffering for fun” mode 😊. I train like each day is the last day of training before the stage day… For those last weeks the only thing I see is a medal on my neck and a body that I will be proud to show on stage, I have trained for a week with fever, flu, shoulder pain, back pain…. It’s almost like a survival mode hahahaha, but because I keep myself very steady all year round I know that it’s not a such long road to get on my 3 to 4 % body fat stage and it’s actually fun, I enjoy the focus part!

I guess the reason why I did the first show was to prove to myself and to my clients that “I walk the talk”… I also believe was the best choice I have made in terms of promoting my business and brand but not only that, competing has given me the confidence to show to my clients that if I wa sable to achieve my goals then anyone with self motivation can do it too.

It’s all mental at the end of the day, and it’s like anything else in life, if you want it really bad, you will do it! Lots of people have the image of bodybuilding as a dirty , drugged and low level sport, I believe it’s a lot of athletes there like myself that do it at the “clean way”. I learn that on this sport, discipline and will power can take you a long way – regardless of the politics involved in the sport, bodybuilding is a self improving journey, I would encourage anyone to enter the competition arena with that focus, this is ‘self-improvement”.

I should mention as well that competitive bodybuilding is a sport where you are judged by someone else’s interpretation and sometimes it could be ‘unfair’ – As mentioned previously I do this better myself – it goes beyond politics, or “brown nosing” just to get a first place…


Join this sport with the aim of adding to yourself as a person, improving you as a human being. Bodybuilding has a reputation of being a ‘selfish’ sport and it can definitely be that way if you want to. Me is about discipline showing what you can achieve with self motivation and hard work – if you can inspire others and in the process become a better person then welcome to the team – it’s a very rewarding journey fulfill with lots of fun and self discovery.

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