Meeting your daily nutritional intake

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Let me tell you why….my first bodybuilding contest, I was “advised” that I needed to eat copious amounts of salad and fish until it almost came out my ears…the only thing that – I thought – kept me functioning remotely normal was 5-6 strong black coffees a day…sure my body got lean but I felt like shit and looked like shit otherwise.

I was grumpy and irritable, out of puff and what was possibly the worse thing was i developed some disordered behaviours with eating that stayed with me for some time after….and they are still there under the surface to this day. Sadly I’m not the only one who has had this happen.

It really bothers me when people advocate all sorts of weird and restrictive food behaviours.

As such, the next run of contests I took a very different approach not restricting simple pleasures such as egg yolks, milk, nuts and red meat from my diet and HEY PRESTO!

The previous issues dissapeared, I looked bigger and leaner on stage for around about the same body weight….a definite win!


My last comp wanting to improve yet again, I invested some more time in an effort to understand and learn matching my nutritional requirements with ACTUAL food science to lose the desired body fat in a better fashion yet again…about as far from the broscience as I did in my first contest and that 90% of people will tend to follow…..

Once again the results spoke for themselves. ..I was so lean that I had muscle striations in my backside AND I felt really good to the point that alot of clients were unaware I was even competing until I mentioned we would have to reschedule their appointments next week.

redefrisbybaconThe point is, whether you are a competitive bodybuilder or not there is NO reason why you should think that you can’t eat whatever you want…provided it meets your daily nutritional intake in terms of carbs, fats and proteins (vitamins and minerals) and so this comes back to choosing appropriate portions.

Last contest I regularly ate pancakes, icecream and pudding leading up until the day of the show for God’s sake!

Maybe you’re someone in a position of authority ie you should know better, but then again want to be seen as some kind of a martyr for struggling unnecessarily and then telling people that “this is your purpose and food is not able to be pleasurable”, well then I hope you feel REAL good for having all the potential disordered eating behaviours, of the others that you influence, on your future conscience!

Nowadays I help prepare people for fitness and bodybuilding contests because such did it strike me that there is definitely an easier way to all of this and I would like to share the knowledge with others that are open to learn.

Rede Frisby
PGDipSportsMed, BSR spec. Ex Science (dist.)
Online Coach, LIFE-TIME Natural Bodybuilder

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