Marcus Lim, NZIFBB Men’s Physique

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I started at the gym lifting weights when I was in high school, 5th form at Auckland grammar.

I used to always be sick, unhealthy and too skinny, I knew I had to do something about it, lifting weights and exercise made me healthier and from then until now I keep enjoying my new mile stones and the progress I see day after day.

Do it for yourself! This sport is all about metal game, as we know the diet is always come first, training comes 2nd.


Bodybuilding has taught a lot both mentally and physically. As with any other sport, what we learn from bodybuilding we can apply it in other areas in life.

Yay I am still alive!! Flex Friday! Hope everyone having a good weekends 💪👊

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I do believe in pre work out, especially because it has helped me so much to keep up with my training after long hours of work.
I would normally go through 14 hours shift non-stop so I need supplementing to help me through my training.

I put most of my emphasis in food, I have a business GoPaleo which provides customized meals for my clients:

In my opinion stage presence is one of the most important things on stage. If you want to sell your “product” you must know how to present your “product”.
Practice your posing, your stage presence…the more you practice the better you can present your hard work.

After competition I would take it easy as in training.
Getting into competition mode I do high reps and go easy on diet as well, just to give the body a well recovered, I would personally take a week to enjoy the food.

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