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“The mind is like a parachute; it only works when it’s open”…read and increase your knowledge – is that knowledge what will help you achieve!

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Short answer, YES. To be successful at anything, you need to be accountable. By writing things down from training to food you are doing this.

When it comes to competition time, my diet doesn’t vary too much, but I will note down how I am feeling etc. You won’t remember why you came out looking awesome, write it down.

I started training years ago, was always the same, didn’t change much.

AchieveMy friend Dale was 50+ when he did his first competition, and I thought: “If he can do it, I can as well!
I was also told by friends for years I had that shape.
I had a bit of a journey to lose some weight; 30kg’s for my first show. I have made heaps of improvements since then and constantly making improvements to my physique.

ParachuteBelieve in yourself. Find yourself a mentor / personal trainer. Ensure this mentor has had a journey similar to the one you want to travel. In this sport, you will always find people who “can help you” when they took copious amounts of steroids, synthetic diuretics and dodgy leaning down drugs when they competed in their day and you want to be natural. Makes sense really

There are plenty of “textbook and magazine” guys out there. Also, around competition time have your plan and stick to it. Don’t listen to everyone; there will always be someone getting in your ear.

At the same time, it pays to keep your mind open; don’t think you know it all. 28 regional, national and International competitions under my belt and I can still learn something new from anyone.

Greg TrophiesUntil this day I am happy to say that I am injury free. I believe the way I train enables me to keep an ‘injury free’ record. I work on reaching an excellent mind/muscle connection.

Most people can squat, bench and biceps curl more than me nevertheless the way I train has given me the physique and the results I want. Go figure….

My focus is on good form – dump the weight off and get serious!.

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