Carissa Ludlow – IFBB PRO Figure Athlete

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1.- A few competitions have passed since HumongousNZ first interviewed you…which one of those comps has been the most rewarding so far?

It’s quite hard to pick one over the others as I have learnt such a huge amount after each competition. Obviously the nzifbb pro/am in March is hugely significant to me as that is where I was awarded my pro card and got to stand on stage with top figure girls in NZ and Australia.

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2.- Nutrition wise – since the last time we interviewed you – have you made any major changes?

My pre comp eating plan has stayed the same for about the last 2 years. I’ve figured out what works for me so I have no need to change it – minor changes of calorie count are about it.

3.- What would be 3 keys notes you’d say to an athlete willing to achieve PRO level in IFBB?


1) if you want to aim for your pro card you need to get use to making lots of sacrifices.
2) Every single training session is important – there’s no such thing as having 3 weeks or 3 months off.
3) ask for feedback and make damn sure you follow the advice you’re given from the judges

4.- Competetions, are there any PRO shows lined up?

I’m not sure of my next competition as I’m having shoulder surgery next week. If things go well and recovery is as planned I am aiming for a show middle to end of 2017.

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