Arona Mataia – IFBB Men’s Physique

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I started back in high school. My friends and I started going to a local gym with my friends.
We would use our lunch money to get casual passes just to get a pump in. Until this day Fitness Plus is my main gym.

Fitness Plus gym has a great positive energy and an atmosphere of pure hard work and dedication. That’s the way I see it every time I walk in.

Ever since the age of 15 I would be ‘mirin’ bodybuilders wishing I was in their shoes. I didn’t understand the work put into it though I just wanted muscles at the time 😂

As for competing , it came after a friend’s suggestion who told me one day “Arona you would take it out” I’m keeping his word to that 😉
I fell into a group of young lads on the same path which kicked off my first competition – i don’t regret one bit of that lesson. I didn’t place though but it was the fuel i needed to come back stronger. 💪🏼💯 overall it was a really good experience which it always is.


My greatest achievement to date would have to be my results from the NZ Pro/Am 2016 show earlier this year. It was an unreal feeling that took the soul out of me literally 😅

It wasn’t just the result that was the greatest achievement , it was the moment i worked for since my first competition not placing at all to holding that Gold medal at the end of the night blessed and grateful for everything I’ve been able to succeed in so far 🙏🏻


For me i usually take a couple days off and fill up a bit more 🙊 in saying that yes I binge and get a little ‘fluffy’ 😅 but it’s a good strategy for me because I end up getting sick and sooner than later getting back on track , so kind of a win win situation for me.


My main motivation would have to be my fellow competitors and my future competitors 😼 I set goals and I’m highly motivated to smash goals when its time; so my suggestion to my fellow readers is to set some goals and do everything you can to get there. period!

AronaMatai-humongous-mens-physiqueMy main piece of advice would be “eat clean. stay lean. ” I should have learnt this along time ago ..but chicken nibbles and chips was LIFE 💁🏼

One thing I’ve learnt from competing is that if your body doesn’t fit the criteria in whatever you choose to compete in. then make the criteria fit ur body. simple , work hard on areas to bring up and work towards the criteria for your class thats the only way you will get the result on the day 👌🏻

Secondly “TRUST THE PROCESS “like we always say at “CHAMPION NUTRITION “.. last but not least have fun and enjoy the journey. remember when you feel like giving up, someone else is putting in the work. be the hardest worker and stay ahead bruhh 😉👅😎✌🏽️

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